deck repair
Bridge - seal - coat - relax...
Elastomeric Mortar is used to bridge and seal cracks, joints and other openings in masonry substrates to prevent further moisture penetration and damage. For use on stucco, EIFS, concrete block, brick, precast concrete, and tilt-up concrete. Our repair products have outstanding long-term protection, long-term flex with substrate movement, seals cracks measuring 1/16" to 3/8", works extremely well with acrylic, latex, or elastomeric topcoats. Even though concrete and mortar can be a very strong, hard substrate, these materials are also subject to deterioration. We coat concrete to protect it from various chemical and physical attacks.

enhance & improve
increase home value & ecstatic appeal
Sherwin-Williams helps you recommend the proper product to enhance concrete surfaces, improve longevity and increase satisfaction with your deck. Concrete products are used in a great diversity of circumstances, there are a variety of criteria to consider when specifying an appropriate coating.

pool  deck  looking...
a  little  tired?

we specialize in concrete deck repair...
with our 3-step process, you can rest assured.
the job is done right!

 H&C® ACRYLA‐DECK™ Hi‐Build Deck coating with COOLFEEL™ TECHNOLOGY is a high quality hi-build latex deck coating that provides superior protection & beauty for both exterior & interior concrete. It may be applied to bare concrete or previously painted surfaces. H&C® ACRYLA‐DECK™ Hi‐Build Deck coating with COOLFEEL™ TECHNOLOGY is designed to reduce the temperature of concrete surfaces exposed to UV rays by up to 20 degrees, ans is highly resistant to pool chemicals and many other household chemicals for long lasting beauty and protection. 

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clean-line masking
Masking by the BEST !
We'll keep the paint on the deck and off-the-wall.  During our 20+ years of masking experience, we've developed some pretty good techniques. Combined with the best materials and equipment for the job, it's a good recipe for customer satisfaction. You can count on us to provide clean-line masking between colors, and protection of even the most sensitive natural stone and tile.
deck  repair
can you see the repair?
Using a 2-Part Epoxy Mortar mix, CMJ-Enterprise can perform small to mid-size "Spot Repairs" to most textured concrete decks.  Texture blending is a snap with our proprietary techniques.  Ladder hardware and repair is also available upon request. All cracks lass than 1/8" deep/wide will be filled using a textured elastomeric mortar calk formulated for Florida summers.
durable &
colors that last ...
A HUGE variety of designer colors are available for your pool deck. Feel free to call us for a free consultation, or simply stop by your closest Sherwin Williams store and check-out the color racks. You can always purchase a color sample and  paint a small piece of cardbaord to see how it looks on your deck before hiring a contractor, or better yet have us do it for you.